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Download Windows 7 Black Extreme 64 Bit 2016 By Kirk

Windows 7 Black Extreme 64 Bit-1

Free Download Windows 7 Black Extreme 64 Bit 2016 By Kirk : Pada kesempatan malam ini saya akan membagikan sebuah sistem operasi yang sangat terkenal di dunia, kini saya membagikan windows 7 black extrime 64 bit 2016. dimana windows ini sob sudah di modifikasi yang di buat dari windows 7 Sp1 Ultimate dan pastinya sudah berisi update sampai dengan bulan mei 2016. Sobat jika mendownload windows ini maka sobat tidak akan kecewa karena di dalamnya itu sob sudah terdapat banyak aplikasi jadi sobat tidak perlu mendownload dan menginstal secara manual. Dan yang lebih handalnya lagi sob Windows 7 Black Extreme 2016 ini tidak perlu untuk aktifasi, karena sudah langsung aktif permanen. dan sudah terdapat driverpack jadi sobat tidak perlu instal bluetooth, video, dan juga usb. Jadi buat sobat yang penasaran atau sudah tidak sabar untuk mendapatkannya buruan dah langsung instal winosws 7 blak xtreme 2016 ini.

Description :

As specified, with Windows 7, we are intending to diminish the requirement for the tedious and expensive wipe-and-reload way to deal with OS organization. We realize that application similarity is basic for business. This Windows is made in view of Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

Completely not unattended, unique oobe with full control of setup you can recheck you dialect and console settings, your prefered system area, skip entering a key make client, your time zone and so on. Same a default with the exception of included dialect settings on the off chance that you have to change them or tapped the wrong ones the first run through before setup starts, then netframework introduces noiselessly and also netframework upgrades for May and in addition Activation then happens, then desktop loads, thats it, WPI join on desktop or use Autorun. additional sidebar contraptions included, you can pick them if necessary, incorporates sidebar seven.

Screenshot :

Windows 7 Black Extreme 64 Bit-2
Windows 7 Black Extreme 64 Bit-3
Windows 7 Black Extreme 64 Bit-4

Windows Information :

Type : OS
Platform : 64 Bit
Image Format : iso
Source : en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677332.iso
Hash: sha1 6ddedebe40ab59cb11823f62f475c43c4053fe60
Updates : Updates to May 14 2016
Tweaks : none
Answer File : none
activated : yes
Telemetry : Silent app included to run and remove Windows 10 nags and block telemetry
Security : Peerblock Extreme By Kirk included with all paid subscription block lists included
Languages : German, English US, French France, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian,Chinese, Simplified
Branding : All Windows 7 Ultimate branding intact, not modified. I see people modding the branding and don’t like it myself.

File Hash:

  • SHA-1: f45cf2daaae530a1b008e9c541f4a3e93c9bd6b6
  • MD5: 805c726a2033eb19680f90f7299d1488
  • CRC32: a76a91b

Driverspacks integrated:

  • DP_Bluetooth_16042
  • DP_Video_Intel-NT_16042
  • DP_Video_nVIDIA-NT_16040
  • DP_Videos_AMD-NT_16040
  • DP_xUSB_16042

Updates integrated with ntlite :

  • Net Framework 4.61 with May updates.

Silent Apps included on WPI:

  • Office 2016 Pro Plus x64_silent.exe (with Updates to May) 2.3 gigs
  • uTorrent Pro_347_silent.exe
  • 7zip 1600-x64_silent.exe
  • ac3filter_0_6b_silent.exe
  • AdobeRuntimes_AiO.RePack.(18.4.2016)_silent.exe
  • AdwCleaner_Install_silent.exe
  • aMule-2.3.1-installer_silent.exe
  • Apache_OpenOffice_4.1.2_Win_x86_silent_en-US.exe
  • audacity-win-2.1.0_silent.exe
  • BleachBit-1.9.4-setup_silent.exe
  • Burnaware_Free_9.1_silent.exe
  • CCleaer_5.17.5590_silent.exe
  • CDex_Repack_silent.exe
  • CPU-Z_silent.exe
  • Cyberfox-46.0.1.en-US.win64-x86_64.intel_silent.exe
  • disk_defrag_setup_silent.exe
  • diskboss_setup_v6.7.16_x64_silent.exe
  • doublecmd-0.7.1.i386-win32_silent.exe
  • Ext2Fsd-0.66_silent.exe
  • FileZilla_3.17.0.1_win32-setup_silent.exe
  • Firefox Setup 46.0.1_silent.exe
  • FlacSquisher-1.3.6-Win7-Installer_silent.exe
  • FoxitReader734_enu_Setup_silent.exe
  • gimp-2.8.16-setup-2_silent.exe
  • gu5setup-13776_silent.exe
  • hdde_lite_silent.exe
  • hfsexplorer-0.23.1-setup_silent.exe
  • InnoSetup_Bundle_silent.exe
  • jre-8u92-b14-x64_silent.exe
  • jre-8u92-b14-x86_silent.exe
  • KeePass-2.32-Setup_silent.exe
  • K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1210_Mega_silent.exe
  • K-Meleon75.1_silent.exe
  •  LibreOffice_5.1.3.2_Win_x64_silent.exe
  • MP4Tools-3.3-win32_silent.exe
  • MultiCommander_x64_(
  • Nitro.PDF.Reader_v5.5.6.21_x64_silent.exe
  • npp.6.9.1.Installer_silent.exe
  • NTLite_1.1.0.3910_silent.exe
  • oooplayer(2.1.2)_silent.exe
  • Paint.NET_v4.09+_silent.exe
  • Peerblock-1.2- Extreme_silent.exe
  • PeerBlock-Setup-v1.2-r693_silent.exe
  • processhacker-2.39-setup_silent.exe
  • qbittorrent_3.3.4_setup_silent.exe
  • QuickHash-Windows.2.6.7-x64.exe
  • Reader DC 2015.016020039_SIlent.exe
  • RegSeeker_Repack_silent.exe
  • Rufus_Install_silent.exe
  • silent_Adobe_Flash_AiO_full_silent.exe
  • smplayer-16.4.0-win32_silent.exe
  • TCP_IP_Manager_v4.1.1.29_x86_Setup_silent.exe
  • Truecrypt_7.1_64__silent.exe
  • UltraISO_9.6.5.3237_silent.exe
  • VBCRedist_AIO_x86_x64_silent.exe
  • VirtualBox.v5.0.20-r106931.x86x64.Multi.Setup_silent.exe
  • vlc-2.2.3-win32_silent.exe
  • vlc-3.0.0–2016051_silent.exe
  • vmware-lite-12.1.0-3272444_silent.exe
  • Win32DiskImager-0.9.5-install_silent.exe
  • winrar-x64-531_silent.exe
  • WinToolkit_1.5.4.4_Setup_silent.exe
  • WR100_Install_silent.exe
  • wufinstall_silent.exe
  • XYplorer Free 16.70 Silent.exe

 Link Download :

Demikian sob ulasan dari saya tentang Sistem Operasi Windows 7 Black Extreme 64 Bit 2016 By Kirk. Semoga dengan Os yang saya bagikan ini dapat bermanfaat buat sobat semua. Terima kasih.
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